State-of-the-art EEG and BCI lab for human neuroscience research


Electroencephalography (EEG) is an essential method for conducting research in neurosciences. By measuring voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic currents within the neurons, this technique allows to monitor the brain activity with a high temporal resolution. Classical EEG cap contains several electrodes placed over the scalp and applications goes from event-related potentials, spectral power distribution to sources localization and epilepsy diagnosis.


Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) provide a direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device, while bypassing the peripherical nervous system. It is based on a closed-loop design where neural data are processed and classified in real-time while a continuous feedback is shown to the user. BCI research is directed at assisting, augmenting or repairing human cognitive or sensory-motor functions. BCI has been used by locked-in patients to communicate or to control a prosthesis limb.


At Campus Biotech, the EEG-BCI facility supports the scientists by providing the latest EEG systems, shielded recording booths and additional electrophysiological measurement units (EMG, EOG, EyeTracker…). The team also provides research consulting with expertise in multi-streams synchronization, EEG analysis or BCI/neurofeedback design.


Scientific supervision of the EEG-BCI facility is performed by Prof. Christoph Michel (UNIGE) and Prof. Dimitri Van De Ville (EPFL).

Gwenael Birot is the EEG expert and facility manager. Loan Mattera and Nathalie Philippe are the two EEG technologists.

<a href="">Gwenael Birot</a><a href=""></a>

Gwenael Birot

EEG-BCI facility manager

<a href="">Nathalie Philippe</a><a href=""></a>

Nathalie Philippe

EEG technologist

<a href="">Loan Mattera</a><a href=""></a>

Loan Mattera

EEG technologist


Here is an overview of the equipment available for experiments

EGI 256 channels MR compatible

Allows high-density EEG.

BrainAmp 64 channels MR compatible

ActiChamp - up to 128 active electrodes

Active eletrodes allows us to reduce 50 Hz and motion noise. 

Eego mylab 64 or 128 channels

A portative and motion resistant EEG system.

Wearable sensing DSI24

A wireless and dry electrode 19-channel EEG system. Ideal for mobile application and BCI.

Krios electrode digitalizer

Allows us to digitalize electrode position for a better source reconstruction.

Click here for the complete list of EEG-BCI equipment available at Campus Biotech.






Some examples of various projects performed at the Human Neuroscience Platform



 Please contact us for specific inquiries, project applications or additional information on the facility.

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