CIBM is seeking healthy volunteers (ages 18 – 35 or 70 – 80) to participate in a study examining the dynamics of neurotransmitters to better understand basic brain function.

We will use this information to better understand brain functions and cognition, and how they may be influenced by age. Studying age-related differences in neuronal metabolic responses to cognitive tasks is essential for developing targeted interventions to improve cognitive function.

Your participation will involve acquiring images and spectra of your brain in an MRI machine and filling in a few questionnaires.


Location: Campus Biotech, Geneva

Duration of the experience: 1-2 hours

Compensation: 50 CHF

Volunteers should be / have :

  • healthy adults (age 18-35 or 70 and older )
  • non-claustrophobic
  • no psychological disease (depression, schizophrenia, …)
  • no tattoos in shoulder and head region
  • no non-removable piercings
  • no bracelets
  • no metal parts in the body (e.g., exposure to metal fragments)
  • no IUD (Intrauterine contraceptive device)
  • no pregnant

If you have any question regarding safety or screening, don’t hesitate to send an email.

Languages: English, German, French


Interested ? Please contact us by email at antonia.kaiser@epfl.ch