High-Resolution_MRSI 7T  study


I’m searching for Volunteers for my MRSI study.

Our group is developing new techniques for mapping brain metabolism at the highest resolution by exploiting the next generation of MRI scanners.

The measurements are conducted at the Campus Biotech in Geneva at a unique 7T MRI scanner (you will have the possibility to watch a video or listening to music during the session).

This requires in vivo measurements where your help is needed.

If you are interested in gaining real-life MRI experience, witnessing MRI research in practice, or seeing pictures of your brain.

The MRI session will take 1:30h, split into a 20min preparation period and a 1:10h MRI measurement. Afterwards, you can view your brain images directly on the scanner (it is also possible to have them shipped to you).

To improve and develop new MRI techniques, in vivo experiments are crucial for optimizing contrast and resolution. Additionally, we offer a remuneration of 50 CHF for your assistance and to cover potential travel costs.

Volunteers should be / have :

  • healthy adults
  • non-claustrophobic
  • no psychological disease (depression, schizophrenia, …)
  • no tattoos in shoulder and head region
  • no non-removable piercings
  • no bracelets
  • no metal parts in the body (e.g., exposure to metal fragments)
  • no IUD (Intrauterine contraceptive device)

If you have any question regarding safety or screening, don’t hesitate to send an email.


Interested ? Please contact us by email at andre.doring@epfl.ch