Lectures in MRI

You will find here a series of slides regarding MRI.

All of these slides were part of lectures given by the Human Neuroscience Platform staff at conferences or universities.

Lecture – fMRI at 7 Tesla and applications in Neuroscience


This lecture was given at NeuroSpin (France) in 2017 and covered the recent developments of functional MRI  at Ultra-High-Field in the lemanic area (accelerated imaging using CAIPIRINHA, how does fMRI benefit from high field?) and its application in the domain of Neuroscience (physiological characterization, human brain mapping, concurrent EEG-MRI, perfusion fMRI, functional MRS, etc…)



Lecture – The Basics of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging


This lecture was given as part of the EPFL PhD course “Advanced Imaging and MRI Instrumentation”. It covers the origins of the BOLD contrast, its spatio-temporal profile, the fMRI acquisition sequences, the dependence of fMRI with field strength, as well as an introduction to non-BOLD fMRI techniques and fMRI processing.