Virtual Reality study

Study description


We are looking for participants for a Virtual Reality study.

You will wear 7 Vive trackers (for full-body tracking) and a VR headset (compatible with glasses).

The experiment consist in 3 sessions, each session should last around 1 hour (around 3h in total) and pays 20 CHF/h.

The 3 sessions must take place on different days of the same week.

Conditions of participation

  • you must be able to stand up during the whole experiment.
  • you must be able to stand on 1 foot and lift the opposite knee during 5s without losing your balance.
  • The test will be performed before the experiment starts for both the right and left conditions.
  • The study is fully conducted in english (B2 level required).
  • For the experiment, you must bring clean socks and must wear clean close-fitting clothing to avoid any occlusion with the body tracking (e.g. no trousers or dresses that hide the feet). 
  • The experiment will take place at the IIG lab of EPFL (Lausanne). 


Interested ? Please contact us by email at