How to cite / acknowledge the Human Neuroscience Platform




All articles and publications that use any HNP resources (equipment, protocol assistance and expertise, analyses, …) must have an author directly affiliated with HNP and FCBG under one of the following options:


  • Case 1: When the HNP provides a significant contribution on a scientific (ex: involvement in the design and development of the study), technical (ex: development of stimulation or image analysis software, development of specific MRI sequences or procedures, technological development of equipment, implementation of data analysis procedures, management of volunteers or patients, supervision of students…) or financial (contribution to the purchase of equipment, participation in the financing of the study…), the member(s) of the HNP team who contributed are listed as co-author(s).

  •  Case 2: When the HNP provides a simple platform contribution (simple data acquisition, assistance in setting up procedures for presentation and collection of behavioral data, etc.), a co-author from HNP is not required. However, to ensure the visibility of HNP, we ask one of the authors to add HNP in their affiliations (for example, the principal investigator or the student in charge of acquisitions) and add a sentence in the acknowledgments.



For acknowledgements in articles, publications, projects, presentations…, the following text must be added:

“This study was supported by the Human Neuroscience Platform, Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.”


You can download the complete HNP rules for publication and acknowledgements HERE.