Human Neuroscience Platform Team

<a href="">Anne-Dominique Lodeho-Devauchelle</a><a href=""></a>

Anne-Dominique Lodeho-Devauchelle

Human Neuroscience Platform Coordinator

<a href="">Roberto Martuzzi</a><a href=""></a>

Roberto Martuzzi

MRI Facility Manager

<a href="">Loan Mattera</a><a href=""></a>

Loan Mattera

MRI & EEG Technologist, Medical Assistant

<a href="">Nathalie Philippe</a><a href=""></a>

Nathalie Philippe

MRI & EEG Technologist, Medical Assistant

<a href="">Gwenael Birot</a><a href=""></a>

Gwenael Birot

EEG-BCI Facility Manager

<a href="">Margaux Dubessy</a><a href=""></a>

Margaux Dubessy

Virtual Reality Engineer

<a href="">Valentin Bourdon</a><a href=""></a>

Valentin Bourdon

Virtual Reality Engineer

<a href="">Antoine Provost</a><a href=""></a>

Antoine Provost

Virtual Reality Engineer

<a href="">Maël Lacour</a><a href=""></a>

Maël Lacour

Virtual Reality Engineer

<a href="">Nathan Attia</a><a href=""></a>

Nathan Attia

Virtual Reality Engineer

<a href="">Virginie Sterpenich</a><a href=""></a>

Virginie Sterpenich

Clinical and Sleep Research Unit Facility Manager

<a href="">Olivier Reynaud</a><a href=""></a>

Olivier Reynaud

Neuromodulation Facility Manager, MRI Physicist

<a href="">Michael Dayan</a><a href=""></a>

Michael Dayan

Methods and Data Facility Manager