Providing an anatomical and functional view of the human brain


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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become an essential technique in the field of neuroscience research. It makes it possible to obtain three-dimensional images of the brain with a millimeter resolution and in a completely non-invasive manner.

Thanks to functional MRI, researchers can localize brain activations in response to a given stimulus or requested action. The images acquired can also be coupled with the recording of physiological signals (heart rate, breathing rate etc…). The combination of all this data makes it possible to define brain functionality more accurately.

At Campus Biotech, the MRI facility is dedicated to high-risk and high-yield studies in human neuroscience with strong technological, methodological, and/or analytical components. This research demands sophisticated analysis at the forefront of technology and so the latest equipment is used.

The strong links between the MRI facility and the other facility of the Human Neuroscience Platform allow the users to conduct multi-modal acquisitions. Thanks to these links, we can combine MRI acquisition with EEG recordings or TMS and tES stimulations. It also likewise possible to create virtual reality scenarios within the MRI where the movements of the avatar correspond to those of the participant and display them on MRI-compatible stereoscopic goggles.


Scientific supervision of the MRI facility is performed by Prof. Patrik Vuilleumier (UNIGE) and Prof. Olaf Blanke (EPFL).

Roberto Martuzzi is the MRI facility manager. Loan Mattera and Nathalie Philippe are the MRI Technologists. 

<a href="">Roberto Martuzzi</a><a href=""></a>

Roberto Martuzzi

MRI facility manager

<a href="">Loan Mattera</a><a href=""></a>

Loan Mattera

MRI technologist

<a href="">Nathalie Philippe</a><a href=""></a>

Nathalie Philippe

MRI technologist


An overview of the equipment available for experiments


The facility is equipped with a Siemens Prisma 3T

Motion tracking and Goggles

In collaboration with the VR facility, we have installed motion tracking cameras inside the MR room that can be used in combination with a stereoscopy HMD to create virtual scenarios.

Mock Scanner

We can train participants inside the mock scanner and measure their head motion.


The collaboration with the Neuromodulation Facility made it possible to stimulate non-invasively and concurrently acquire functional brain images.


Thanks to the collaboration with the EEG-BCI facility, we can simultaneously acquire EEG signals and MRI images. We currently have two MR-compatible EEG systems: the 64-channel BrainAmp and the 256-channel EGI EEG system 400 MR.


Several physiological signals can be acquired during the MRI acquisition to have a better picture of the effects of the stimulation protocol.

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