Curious Brain: Dissecting the neurocomputational mechanisms of curiosity and rewards


We are searching for Volunteers.

We study the brain mechanisms underlying the desire for knowledge, exploration and decision-making, and their similarity to reward processing mechanisms. We are particularly interested in a brain dopaminergic network involved in several important cognitive functions, promoting learning in the context of rewards and pleasant events.

If you want to take part, you will perform a reward learning task.

The experiment will be conducted at the 7T in the MRI facility at the Campus Biotech in Geneva.

The study duration is about 2 hours, including about an hour and a half in the MRI scanner.

Your participation will be remunerated 60 CHF, and you will receive a bonus proportional to the rewards you win during the task.

Conditions of participation

° Inclusion criteria:

Age: between 18 et 40 years old.


Intact physical and mental health.


° Exclusion criteria:

History of neurological or psychiatric disorders.

Abuse of medication or drugs

Impaired vision (below 20/40).


Contraindication to MRI (according to standard operating procedures: contact us for information).

Alcohol consumption 24 hours before the session.




Interested ? Please contact us by email at