Three new services

The Human Neuroscience Platform (HNP) located at Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland has recently announced three new services that will be available to researchers and scientists in 2023. These services include biomarker analysis, 7 Tesla MRI, and MEG.

Biomarker Analysis

Genetic and Biomarker analysis is a powerful tool that can be used to identify and measure specific molecules, cells, or other indicators in a sample of tissue or fluid. These biomarkers can provide valuable information about the presence and progression of diseases, as well as the effectiveness of treatments. The HNP will now offer genetic and biomarker analysis for a wide range of conditions, including neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Contact our team at to use it, or visit the Biomarker page to know more about it.

Magneto-EncephaloGraphy (MEG)

The HNP MEG platform is now built and ready. MEG is a non-invasive technique that measures and quantifies the magnetic fields produced by the electrical activity of the brain. This technique can be used to study brain function, including language, vision, attention, and memory. MEG is particularly useful for measuring changes in brain activity over time, making it a powerful tool for understanding the progression of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Contact our team at to use it, or visit the MEEG-BCI page to know more about it.

7 Tesla MRI

The 7 Tesla MRI is now operational. This powerful imaging technique allows for highly detailed images of the brain and other organs. The high magnetic field strength of the 7 Tesla MRI provides much greater resolution than traditional MRI machines, making it possible to see structures and details that were previously invisible. This will enable researchers to study brain structure and function, disease, and treatment in unprecedented detail.

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Overall, these services will provide researchers and scientists with powerful new tools to study the brain and its disorders. In addition to Virtual Reality and Robotics, Neuromodulation, 3T MRI, EEG, Methods and Data, and our Clinical and Sleep research Unit, the combination of genetic and biomarker analysis, 7 Tesla MRI and MEG will enable a more detailed understanding of the brain and its function, which will ultimately lead to more effective treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders.