MRSI 7T  study


I’m searching for Volunteers for my phosphorus MRSI study.

The goal of the study is the validation of a new method to measure the creatine kinase rate in the human brain.

This rate plays a key roll in the energy metabolism of humans.


The experiment will be conducted at the 7T in the MRI facility at the Campus Biotech in Geneva.


Each session will be 1.5h in total (20 min preparation and 01:10 h scanning).

There will be 50CHF reimbursement as compensation for your time.

Conditions of participation

  • The Volunteer should be:
    • Healthy adult ( Age : 18-40)
    • Not claustrophobic

    And the volunteer should have:

    • No psychological disease (depression, schizophrenia…)
    • No Tattoo in shoulder and head region
    • No non-removable piercing
    • No bracelets
    • No metal parts in the body (surgery, shrapnells ….)
    • No IUD (Intrauterine contraceptive device)


Interested ? Please contact us by email at